The Click Graphical User Interface

The Click GUI is a GUI for the Click Modular Router Project of the MIT LCS's Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems group. The Click GUI is released under the GPL license.


Click is a new modular software router for PCs and click routers are flexible, configurable, and easy to understand at a high level. They're also pretty fast (for software routers running on commodity hardware).

A Click router is an interconnected collection of modules called elements; elements control every aspect of the router's behavior, from communicating with devices to packet modification to queueing, dropping policies and packet scheduling. Individual elements can have surprisingly powerful behavior, and it's easy to write new ones in C++. You write a router configuration by gluing elements together with a simple language.

For more details about the Click router, you are referred to the Click Homepage.

Click GUI

The Click GUI is developed by the ATLANTIS IP-ATM testlab of the Department of Information Technology of the Ghent University, Belgium.

Because a Click router consists out of elements which have to be connected to each other, it is rather straight forward to configure such a router via a GUI (screenshot), if you understand the working of the Click router.

The Click GUI (for the moment) only works for the linux module kernel space Click router and is based on a server running on the Click router (communicating via the /proc handlers) and a JAVA client which can be an application or an applet. The client and server communicate via CORBA and can be located on different machines.

Hence, there is needed some extra soft : CORBA Implementation, JAVA, DB2 (will be removed in the future), apache if you want to use the client as an applet. Everything is described in the README & INSTALL file, which is also included in the distribution.


The README file which is for now the only documentation.

The clickgui_2_3.tgz source code (C++ server and JAVA client) (13th April 2003)
The clickgui_2_1.tgz source code (C++ server and JAVA client)
For Debian packages of the clickgui, please Contact us.
(We cannot put the packages freely on the web as they are based on Orbacus for the JAVA applet, which is only free for research purposes)
However, I see you browse from Zuiderpoort, so please read this

A Debian 2.2 package of JacORB 1.3.21

Unofficial omniORB4 Debian packages

CORBA implementations

omniORB (C++)

Orbacus (C++ and JAVA)


TAO (C++)


For all kinds of suggestions, complaining and discussions, see the maillist


Brecht Vermeulen

Jeffrey Baeke


Part of this work was funded by the European Commission through the IST Project HARMONICS